About Crown: experts who keep their word!

Crown Uitzendgroep is a specialised temporary-work agency with extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of Logistics, Production and Food. What is more, we keep our promises. This ensures the pleasant cooperation for everyone.


"Roll up your sleeves and put your foot down" - this is what we are famous for. We are pleased with this opinion because in fact we approach any issue in such a manner so as to achieve the best results. However, this is possible only owing to the smooth organisation of our work.

Investing in people

We perfectly know our customers. We invest heavily in relationships, we rely on short communication chains and we prefer long-term cooperation. The same is true for our employees: we strongly count on good relations with the employer, we apply personal approach and invest in development of our people.


The results of this attitude are: speed, flexibility and continuity. In addition, we are specialists in what we do. We know the world of Logistics, Production and Food, and understand expectations of principals. It is much more than simple verification of certificates and CVs. Bearing in mind the clear vision of work and organisation, we think together with the customer, we give advise and move together with your business.

Recruitment offices

We have four recruitment offices in Poland: in Gdańsk, Opole, Gliwice, and Szczecin. These are the places where we work out the bases for successful and long-lasting match of "supply" and "demand".

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