About Crown

Experts who go for people

Crown Uitzendgroep is a specialized employment agency, with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Logistics & Production. With us it’s all about people. Goal-orientated, trust in one’s own abilities, confidence and pleasure in the work. In our opinion, these are the elements that contribute to strong and real relationships, both with clients and temporary workers. We ensure that people are personally involved in an organization and go to work happy every day. Sounds good right?

They are happy.
We invest in the development of our people. Always use a personal approach. And arrange everything down to the last detail, from contracts to sickness arrangements. The result: proud and dedicated employees who feel good about themselves and who love their work.

You are happy.
Employers can count on us for speed, continuity and flexibility. We know our clients through and through, so that we can always fully relieve them. Ranging from advice and contract settlement to everything else that comes with the deployment of people. Always with satisfaction as a result.

Guaranteed result

The result of this approach: speed, flexibility and continuity. We are experts in what we do and know the world of Logistics & Production like no other. We therefore understand what is expected of us and that goes much further than checking certificates and resumes. Based on a clear vision of work and organization, we think, advise and move with the organizations of our clients.

Want to find out more?
Curious about what Crown can do for your organization or for you as a temporary worker in particular? Call 0413 – 71 46 55 or send a message and we will make an appointment!



  • Theo Quaijtaal


  • Martijn Maas

    Head of Administration

  • Kasia Dolné


  • Joanna (Asia) Spoor-Rysz

    Payroll administration

  • Marcin Golonka

    Facilities employee

  • Maciej Bukowski

    Facility services employee

  • Gosia Bowszys

    Sr. Intermediary

  • Kasia Drygala


  • Kasia Jaskolska

    Facility services employee

  • Aneta Drynda


  • Kasia Grembowska

    Administrative assistant

  • Jop Vermeulen

    Sr. Intermediary

  • Jowita Guzowska


  • Sjoerd van Opstal

    Commercial manager

  • Ewa Olejniczak

    Intermediary - Administrative assistant

  • Marta Boode