Interview with Hans Joore – HR manager VetiPak

What is your name and position?

My name is Hans Joore and I am the HR manager of Vetipak in Oss.

How long have you been working for this company?

Five years, five and a half even!

What is the relationship between Crown Uitzendgroep and Vetipak?

Our strategy is that we are flexible, so we hire two thirds of the number of people who work for us. And Crown does half of that. They provide one third of our total staff.

What does the summer period look like in terms of occupancy for Vetipak?

In the summer period there is not really a question of a separate occupation with more or fewer temporary employees. From week 23/24 to week 8, the chocolate season is Christmas and Easter. During this period, we really scale up, we have around 200 own employees and 400 temporary employees.

What strengths can you list that make the relationship with Crown valuable?

They are extremely flexible, customer oriented. They think along with the challenges that we have. And they are solution oriented. These are the most important points of Crown.

Do you have any points for improvement for Crown Uitzendgroep or the collaboration?

We can start automating the process of deploying temporary workers and the time administration. Both Vetipak and Crown have already started working hard on that and that is good.

Would you recommend Crown to similar or branch-based companies? 

Yes, I would certainly do that! I’d say they really help you. They have what you need.

If you were to describe Crown in one sentence, what would it be?

A valuable business partner that you can rely on and that thinks along with you!