We are growing, so Crown is growing with us!

REV’IT was born out of pure passion; a passion for making smartly designed motorcycle clothing, in combination with the love for beautiful products. To this day, REV’IT! motorcycle clothing is developed with an accurate eye for detail and a friendly price level. Thomas Fritsen, Warehouse Manager at REV’IT! about their organization and the collaboration with Crown Uitzendgroep.

“With REV’IT! we have been working with Crown for a number of years now, of which I have been in contact with Crown for over a year now. And I have to say; always to full satisfaction. Crown delivers enough people for our warehouse every time, who also deliver good quality work. And we are very happy with that. ”

Peak period
The motorcycle clothing industry has a peak period from January to May / June. “In that time the new collections are being launched worldwide. When the weather gets better and people start riding a motorcycle again, they need clothing, “says Thomas. In the REV’IT warehouse! It is therefore quite a challenge during this period. That is when Crown comes as needed. “We normally work here with a permanent core of around 10 employees. During that peak period, we often need (many) extra people. Crown supplies them, always the same people. And that’s great, because that’s how we can count on people who know how things work here and what is expected of them. Achieving our targets during this peak period would not be possible without Crown and her people! ”


REV’IT! is in full development and has big plans for 2020. For example, a new Warehouse Management System was introduced about a month ago, whereby order picking, packaging and sending were (partly) automated. A big hit when it comes to efficiency and delivering quality, says Thomas. In addition, a start was made this year with the construction of a brand-new building. The relocation is planned for July 2020.

“We have experienced tremendous growth in recent years and have to keep up with the times. The new system and the new building are perfect examples of this. That way we can make efficient work and also offer more quality for our customers. ”

The collaboration with Crown will therefore continue unabated in 2020 if it is up to Thomas. “In terms of numbers, I don’t dare say anything, but we are sure we will continue to work together. We continue to grow, and we need good people for that. The collaboration as it is with Crown is great, so as we grow, Crown grows with us! ”

Want to know more about REV’IT? Have a look at https://www.revitsport.com/