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At Crown Uitzendgroep we believe in the power of our people. That is why we invest fully in their development. Education, training and collaborations; we ensure that you get what you need. With a personal approach, we arrange everything down to the last detail, from contracts to sickness arrangements, but also, for example, housing. The result: proud and dedicated temporary workers who feel good and love their work. Sounds good right!

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  • Kazimiera Staniszewska Production employee

    "For me, Crown Uitzendgroep is number 1 of all employment agencies in the world!"

  • Grazyna Nowak Production employee

    “People really listen, and the contact is really nice. I would only like to work through them! ”

  • Monica Heideckerowa Production employee

    “I am treated as a person and I am given the opportunity to get educated. That's great!"

Personal approach

We have to do it together. That is why we like to invest in you as our temporary worker, with a personal approach. After all, you are Crown’s calling card. Goal-oriented, trust in one’s own abilities, confidence and pleasure in work are things that are important to us. That is why our door is always open for you and our employees are always there for you. Accessible and personal.

Education and training
At Crown we ensure that you get what you need in the field of education and training. Within your field you can gain extra knowledge and skills, from forklift training to training for managers. This way you really go to work happy every day!

If you have not been living in the Netherlands for very long, or not at all, Crown can also provide suitable accommodation. This way you are not only assured of a nice and suitable job, but also of accommodation that matches this. And that is great to have. Want to find out more? Make an appointment and we will tell you everything about it.

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