KAM Team Coordinator Tessa Boselie tells about Crown

KAM Team Coordinator Tessa Boselie tells about Crown

Tessa Boselie, the KAM Team Coordinator at Maas Coating, a company in Heesch, tells how she found her job through Crown.

I was just on my wonderful holiday when someone from Crown called me unexpectedly: “Good morning, Tessa. I’m calling from Crown. I found your CV and would like to learn more about your experience and dreams. We’re now looking for a professional in connection with a job offer for ‘KAM Team Coordinator, Lean manufacturing’.”

A very natural procedure

I wanted to actively search for jobs only after my holiday was finished, but not necessarily in the middle of it. But the offer seemed really interesting, so I decided to act now and on the same day I went to Crown in Veghel!

I was actually prepared that I would have to make (some) effort to “sell” myself properly. But it was not the case, as it turned out. We had an open and honest conversation. Crown really knew what questions to ask to provide me with all essential information both on the company and the job. And then suddenly I grew seriously interested in the job offer which was new to me. I realised that, at Crown, the recruitment procedure was very natural and pleasant.

“Good luck!” at 7:10 am

After two successful recruitment interviews I strongly made my mind and started working as a beginner KAM team coordinator at Maas Coating. Then something special happened to me. On my first day I was due to start at 7:15 am, and just at 7:10 I received a message from Crown with best wishes on my first day at work. It really was something!

And, what’s not only important, but also superb is that I also got a wonderful gift from Crown on Christmas. They’re not some ordinary bunch of people, but involved professionals! I can recommend to anyone working with them.

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