Six years of Crown Uitzendgroep!

Six years of Crown Uitzendgroep!

Crown Uitzendgroep was established in 2009, so now we have six years behind us. We’ve done and learnt much. There was much joy, and now wonderful years ahead of us. Learn more in conversation with Jeroen Krijgh, Crown CEO. 

Jeroen, how do you remember the first year?

The first year was really pioneering work. Team-building, organising ourselves and the willingness to accept any order for temporary employment. Seven days a week at full throttle. Real grass-roots work, with falling and getting up, a wonderful time.

Crown has been developing its autonomy year by year. How does it work?

Our workers are really top-notch, it’s been always so and will remain forever. These are people for whom there no impossible thing. As a proud member of NBBU, we are strong in terms of legislation and regulation, and this makes us a reliable recruitment base for our clients. We really know how it works.

What do you think makes Crown what it is?

It’s a good question. In short, professionalism and good availability. A strong, young team, wonderful clients and very loyal employees.

A new challenge ahead of you: Professionals in Logistics and Manufacturing deliver on their promise!

Yes, that’s true. We are as strong as steel in providing professionals for logistics and manufacturing. All of our team are people who deliver on their promise. Many temporary employment agencies say that, but we really make it happen. That’s why we’ve used this phrase: “They deliver on their promise.” And you can rely on that.

What can you expect from Crown in the future?

We will further develop an even better Crown for clients and workers alike. We will further expand our training system so that our workers can continuously develop. As a result, we strongly emphasise a new challenge: Professionals in Logistics and Manufacturing deliver on their promise! Our enthusiasm is stronger than ever.

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