Payroll: paperwork and risk

We also provide payroll services and we are eager to take over your administrative duties and the risk on the employer's side related to them. Thus, you will be able to focus on your core business.

You can treat us as the formal and legal employer of your staff. Moreover, having outsourced the remuneration services, you will save plenty of time.

All the activities concentrated "under one roof" also mean that you will receive only one invoice. After our business cooperation is established, our specialists will take care of everything. We offer the following services:

• Preparation of employment contracts,

• Payment of remunerations,

• Deduction of advance tax payments and social security contributions,

• Management of the pension scheme,

• Conclusion of insurance contracts,

• Handling staff and legal issues.

Various packages

You decide in what manner and to what extent you are going to outsource the remuneration services and obligations imposed by provisions of law. You may commission to us the remuneration services only, but, if necessary, we are also ready to take over the risk associated with a disease or a lack of job for already paid employees. After all, we are the experts...

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